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Established in 1985 and located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, outside Philadelphia.

Certified by the International Association of Document Examiners (I.A.D.E.) in 2015.

Participated in proficiency testing ST2AR Skill-Task Training Assessment in 2011.

Participates in annual proficiency testing for International Association of Document Examiners (IADE) since 2015.

Board certified by the World Association of Document Examiners, Chicago, Illinois in 1997.

Questioned document cases involve problems associated with the physical features of documents, such as handwriting, typewriting, etc., and requires a complete critical examination and, where applicable, with various forensic document instruments. The writing in question is examined (focusing on letter formations, line quality, pressure patterns, upper and lower extensions, proportions, slant, connections, and direction, among other features) and compared, letter by letter, with the known writing samples, for identification purposes.

It is necessary to have proper known writings for comparison with the questioned writing. These known writings (normal course-of-business writings) should be as close to the date of the questioned writing as possible. Similar types of documents are best; if possible, 20 or more signatures or several pages of handwriting. In some cases, it is also necessary for the document examiner to obtain writing samples. The forms for these writing samples are prepared specifically for each case.

Original documents are always preferable. Photocopies will render a qualified opinion. Should the original document(s) become available at a later date, there is a possibility that this could change the initial opinion.

Memberships Past and Present:

  • International Association of Document Examiners
  • Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners
  • National Association of Document Examiners
  • World Association of Document Examiners
  • National Bureau of Document Examiners

Seminars - attended annually

Weekly continuing education classes with IADE from January 2014 to present.

Services Provided: Disputed document problems, such as, signature verification, handwriting comparison, typewriter comparison, deciphering ribbons, alterations; on contracts, deeds, wills, promissory notes, medical records, anonymous notes, checks, and other documents.

References upon request.

Serving legal and law enforcement communities, corporations, financial institutions, and private individuals.

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