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Disposal of Property

If clients, regardless of where they live in the world, want to dispose of property, we can help them. Prior to disposing of personal property, serious consideration must be given to removing clutter that took decades to accumulate. JLF Appraisal Services can help. As an associate member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing (NAPO), JLF Appraisal Services has dedicated professionals who help people bring order and efficiency to their possessions.

JLF Appraisal Services works with a network of auction companies that are distributed around the United States. Once a client's property has been appraised, and the clients wants to dispose of the property, JLF Appraisal Services will find the most appropriate auction house for the client.

We can assist you in disposing of any and all personal property, by working closely with local and national auction houses and using our extensive experience to place client's property in the most advantageous auction venue. There is NO CHARGE for this specialized consultation. If the auctioneer is not interested in our client's property, then there is no charge for the time we spent in trying to help them. All monies received by our clients when their property is sold is theirs. We are compensated by the auctioneer. This avoids all possible conflicts of interest.

There are certain types of properties that are highly controversial, such as Nazi coins and sexually explicit items. Any property that defames any group because of their race, religion, nationality or language will neither be appraised nor sold by JLF Appraisal Services.

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