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Oedipus, Inc. provides services to applicants seeking a

  • Retail Liquor License
  • 3.2% Beer License
  • Liquor Server Training

to dispense on or off premises pursuant to local and state licensing requirements. Services include site location and evaluation, on-site liquor server training (Oedipus, Inc. is certified with Colorado State Liquor Enfocement),

  • Petition Survey

of the local neighborhood, testimony at the public hearing, and investigation of false ID's resulting in liquor license violation citations.

Oedipus, Inc. has 41 years of experience on thousands of retail licenses. Colorado courts in numerous Civil Rule 106 actions have held our survey procedures to be leagally on point and scientifically accurate. Contact us for a FREE consultation and FREE copy of the licensing codes and application procedures with local licensing authorities.

  • Opinion Poll Surveys

are performed on numerous issues such as government services, consumer habits, zoning, PUD's, etc.

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Our business is to get your business licensed and trained to sell alcoholic beverages.

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