Robert J Bargar, MD
137 Pine Ridge Road
Waban, MA 02468
(617) 527-5225

Robert J Bargar, MD, has practiced medicine since 1981 and been involved in healthcare quality assurance and utilization review since 1986. He has been qualified as an expert by the US Department of Labor as well as US Department of Justice. Dr. Bargar is able to help you evaluate the care provided to your clients by all of their physicians - and the institutions in which they practice - to identify where failures in systems and procedures resulted in injury. As a consultant to the health insurance and managed care industries, he has developed expertise in all aspects of the administration of health insurance and HMOs. Dr. Bargar has also developed highly successful clinical software that reviews claims submitted by physicians for their services and has unique expertise in physician billing.



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Dr. Bargar has supported successful litigation in diverse cases such as: medical malpractice involving multiple providers of different specialties and the hospital at which they practiced; evaluation of systems for monitoring quality of care to determine whether appropriate standards had been met; and billing fraud.

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